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A one-click root solution with built-in performance boost features

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updated on March 13, 2019


A quick one-click method for rooting your devices
Useful features for improving performance


Some underlying security concerns
Doesn't work for all devices
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Rooting your Android device is the first step to having more control over your device's performance and functionality. For most Android owners, rooting devices can be frustrating and confusing.

KingRoot is a tool that can be used to simplify the rooting process. With KingRoot, it's possible to root your device with a single tap. Not all devices work (although most do), and sometimes it takes a couple of attempts to get it to work. In most cases, it'll also take some time for KingRoot to support brand new devices. When the one-click root process does work, it works - your device is automatically rooted and you are granted root privileges.

Because of the automated process, the entire app is far safer to use than manual rooting, which has the potential to go wrong, if an Android user were to incorrectly follow rooting instructions. The app will also stop the rooting process, if it notices there's an error. It'll then offer some tips for potentially fixing the error, so that the root process can continue.

KingRoot's main functionality lies within the one-click root, but there is more to the app than just that. There is a range of performance boosting features that'll clear out unused data, free your RAM usage and potentially increase your battery life. There is also a built-in anti-virus engine that's designed to locate any potential threats and remove them from your device.

Whilst the app claims it offers safety and security, there has been some concerns that KingRoot has been rerouting data about your device, including your IMEI number, through to Chinese IPs. Nothing about why this happens has been explained by KingRoot at the time of writing. If you're concerned about your safety, this app should be avoided, and manual root methods, which don't put your device's entire system in the hands of another organization should be used. If you're not concerned, this app proves to be a quick root method.
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